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How to Take Your Prospect on a Customer Value Journey

The Customer Value Journey

The Customer Value Journey refers to the path along which a prospect is converted into a customer. It describes the building of trust between the prospect and the business, which then leads to a business relationship. Digital marketing is a multi-step process; in fact, there are 8 stages that make up the journey. There are […]

Online Marketing Funnels Must Be Based On Human Relationships Offline

Joining me today is George Zeidan. George is a leading inbound marketing specialist with more than 20 years’ experience working in senior positions for large multinational firms in the Middle East, United Kingdom and Australia. George is the cofounder of an award winning digital agency Zain Digital and the founder of The Lead Generation Experts. […]

7 Funnel Optimisation Tips

A Marketing Funnel illustrates the different stages a buyer goes through before they make a purchase. As potential customers journey through the funnel or conversion path their numbers steadily decrease. Typically, a conversion funnel consists of several parts: an upper funnel, a middle funnel and a lower funnel. These different parts of the funnel are […]

How To Guarantee The Success Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Success

Even though email isn’t as flashy as social media channels that doesn’t mean that email marketing is an ineffective old fashioned way of advertising in the digital age. In fact, it still remains as one of the only handful of ways to build an authentic relationship with people and grow businesses. When used properly, email marketing can deepen an existing […]